Session Tips

27 June 2009


*Wear similar tones of clothing. If one persons clothing is brighter than the other, the eye will be drawn to the brighter subject. Think blacks and whites. Earth Tones work well too.

*Denim and Khakis are classics. Denim in any color works well. It is informal and it comes in many great colors. Best of all, it never goes out of style.

*AVOID patterns, stripes, busy logos or designs, plaids and checks. They are very distracting and will take away from the portrait. However, if you are trying to capture a vivid personality and feel you need to wear a busy pattern go for it!

*Avoid shiny or reflective materials such as glasses, watches, and bold reflective jewelry.

*Newborns and babies tend to photograph well in no clothing. Babies get fussy when they get hot or when their outfits are changed too many times. However, if you do prefer to put them in different outfits, try to avoid busy patterns and if multiple children are being photographed together, make sure their outfits are color coordinating.

*Long and three quarter length sleeves are ideal for pictures. Try to avoid short sleeves. If you prefer short sleeves, you may do so, but always try to stay away from sleeveless unless you are trying to show off your arms.

*If you are booking a newborn session, Mother/Father should bring at least 1 black shirt a piece to wear during the newborn session. I tend to use mother and father as a backdrop holding the baby during the session.


*Make sure to schedule your baby/childs session during a time when they will not be sleepy or hungry. I understand there are times when they will get tired and hungry during a session, but scheduling at a time when they usually take a nap or eat is never a good idea.

*Make sure to bring your childs favorite toys or blankets. They always make some of the best props, and also helps to keep your child feel comfortable seeing a familiar subject with them. Bright, textured blankets are always great to bring!

*Bring anything you would like to have photographed with you. Whether its a guitar if youre a musician, or your sports gear if youre an athlete. This is definitely great to do if your getting your senior pictures made.

*Hats are usually not good to wear unless you are going for a certain style. Also, remember to remove your hat at least 30 minutes before your session to ensure that the marks left from your hat fade by the time you arrive for your session.

To ensure that your photographs turn out as well as possible, please follow these helpful tips when scheduling your photo session.

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